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was asked how to do this effect in photoshop and it’s really easy and only takes like 5 minutes, and is something i can actually explain without my brain hurting ahah.

1. i go to deviantart and find a stock/texture i like, for this i looked up light textures in the resources & stock images section because those are ones you can use freely

2. once i have a texture i like i open it up in photoshop along with the photo i want to add it to

3. i always resize my screenshot first, i resize mine to 950px in width.  you can easily bring up the image size window by clicking ctrl + alt + i  (i resize my texture to the same width or maybe a little bigger sometimes, depends on the texture) and then drag (or copy paste) the light texture on top of my screenshot

4. the light texture i used had a black background and bright color lights so i set the blend mode to screen which basically overlays only the light parts of the texture onto the photo  (you can bring up the blend mode by clicking the fx icon on the bottom of your layers window or right clicking the layer you want to edit, in this case the texture layer, and then selecting blending options from the drop down)

5. for this light texture i also desaturated it (ctrl + shift+ u) and then faded the effect by 50% (ctrl + shift + f) to make a lighter pink since the original was a hot pink.

6. with my eraser tool (e) set to 50% opacity and 0% hardness i deleted bits of the light texture that went over toby’s face and body.

7. and finally, over all of the layers i added some selective color layers that brought out the pinks of the photo :3

the ends <3