turtle sees you eyeing his bowl-y ok

hamburgers and leftover hamburgers for the rest of the week because this move made them so broke.  toby and benji have graciously decided to get jobs too since the only income right now is navy’s

toby, the deep conversation ruin-er

travel by boat

while navy was off working all day (aka performing sing-a-grams for bullies and serial daters) toby and benji worked super hard on their tans

ip replies

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ea can you not

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first boat ride

captainsimerica: I LOVE YOUR SIMS. List 5 facts about your favourite sims then send this to 10 simblrs ya love ♥

omigosh thank you to the people who sent these to me, i don’t know if i will do all of them lol i’m not creative enough tbh but it will be fun to list some stuff about toby since i don’t really do that a lot :3  pretend you’re shocked that toby is my favorite sim ok

1. her favorite color is navy blue ;3

2. learned how to bake from her grandmother

3. has only been in love once

4. is afraid of whales

5. when she was little she wanted to be an oceanographer (and then she discovered whales)

some photos of the downstairs; kitchen, living room and benji’s room