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Shocked, he looked down to find a grin on her beautiful face. His words fell short as she wrapped an arm around his back, pulling him in and seizing his lips with more fervor than he could have ever imagined.


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If you seriously don’t read Rachel’s Sulia and Saryn story you should because you’ll ship it hard.

I’m currently checking back to her blog like a mad woman waiting for her queue to update. XD

Go check her out okay. And show her some love!!


seriouslyyyy rachel is a great storyteller, all her stuffs is amazeballs (and also i want to marry saryn pls ;3;)

hay guys just real quick, i took down the hiatus page cause it’s super unfriendly and stuffs and i don’t like that, and also hi i love you and lurking on my kindle is so not fun cause it doesn’t even load photos at all sometimes so it’s just like a lot of empty white boxes ( ͡°~͡° )

plus i’m so angsty cause i got like 233252 ideas for stuff i want to do in game and like dfjsaklfjakfjdska life so hard things.  wahs.  good news at least is that instead of my house once again being empty by the second week in august looks like it will be the first :3 i don’t want to ask cause how faking rude like ‘hay do you know the exact time that you will gtfo though? tanks.’

but anyways, post a lot okay guys! so i can pretend to listen to people’s conversations but actually be on tumblr cause i’m a rude hermit  ( `◞౪◟´ )

omg guys lol ;-; no i’m not leaving 5everrr, sorry i got all cryptic and put up that hiatus page with no explanation.  i was going to put it up today along with a post about why but when i set my mind to do something i have to do it right away and like charge forward half assedly without a plan O_O but omg no it’s just a hiatus.  i have a lot of family staying with me right now and don’t have any time/energy at all to get on here really and not even to go in game at all ;-;  so until everyone leaves (like a bit into august) i won’t really be around here much.  thank you for all your messages though omigosh i lav you guys so mach let us group hug with little to no clothing.  i’ll see you guys in a few weeks though ok ^______^

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the dining area and study in shirley and watty’s dorm ^_^

shirley and watty have been best friends since they were kids; around middle school shirley went from seeing him as the boy down the street who she’d talk about pokemon with to the boy down the street who’s hand she wanted to hold.

they’ve never been more than friends, best friends, but nothing more.  shirley was convinced she’d be okay with that as long as she was always his first choice.

watty had a few girlfriends in high school but thankfully nothing serious and no one that ever ranked higher than shirley anyways.

now university bound shirley is a bit anxious as to what awaits them, parties and study groups new friends and things to experience…and also girls…lots of girls who will no doubt see what she’s seen in watty for a while now.

so although excited about university life and all the new beginnings and possibilities shirley can’t help but feel like something is ending, something she might not be ready to let go of.


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a read more because it’s long and mostly me rambling endlessly about nothing

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