teddy; painter, southern, realist

where have you been though, ume?  i thought you said you didn’t work today.

i wasn’t suppose to but one of the other girls didn’t show up at the convention so i had to go in last minute.  but omigosh are you scout?”

"oh, hi yeah i am, and you’re ume right?"

ahh yes, but wow, scout, you look like a princess, your hair is so long and shiny it makes me miss my long hair.

"aheh, thanks but…you’re hair looks pretty long to me."

oh this?  no, it’s a wig, i have lots of wigs, my hair is short like teddy’s, it’s easier for my job.  hey but scout, can i play with your hair a bit?  i promise not to do anything crazy.

"oh sure, i mean if you want to, i don’t mind."

omigosh yay, i’ll go get my brush!”

"oh so you put my furniture together?”

heh yeah, i get restless at night sometimes, doing things with my hands helps calm me down.”

"well thanks so much for doing that, i’m real crap at building things.  i would have been sleeping on my bare mattress or boxes or something."

teddy teddy!  i’m home i’m home!”

i hear that, ume, and now the entire building knows too.”

aw dang you’re already here, was hoping to be here when you arrived. i’m teddy by the way.  you…you are scout right?

"haha yeah i am, nice to finally meet you, though really after talking so much on the phone i feel like i already know you.  oh and by the way, this place is really great, you made it sound a lot smaller and ugly and cave-ish."

aha oh you mean you like the no doors and the unpainted walls then?”

"ah i don’t mind them at all to be honest."

well aren’t you cute would you like some tea or coffee?”

"would love some tea actually yes."

"hi mom, calling to say i’m safe in my apartment and didn’t get kidnapped.  yeah all my furniture got here alright.  it’s weird but someone already put together my bed and drawers so i didn’t have to do much…yeah maybe it was the movers.  no…no mom you don’t have to put dad on…oh my crap.  …hi daddy, yeah i’m fine.  no haven’t met my roommates yet but i know they have jobs and lives outside of being here to greet me…oh wait, i think someone’s just got here, i’ll call you guys later okay?  okay, love you too, bye."

random extra things

eyes of a fallen angel, eyes of a tragedy.

ლ(♥_♥ ლ )

Yet here he was, waiting at her doorstep like he’d forgotten his car keys, and his light bulb switching on, signaling she was there before she could make a run for it.


She let out a gust of air, clamping her hand to her mouth, refusing to let the word form on her lips.


she’s a gloomy kid, needs a lot of cheering up