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i picked up some coffee and sushi on my way home and sims 4 fell into my cart…and by cart i of course mean i just bought it on origin.  no ragrets.



S01E03 of The Risen, tonight at 8PM with special guest star, Bryony Davis of ‘The Bachelor’ fame.

omg lmfao look at little zombie bry with her little zombie teeth!! lmfao i canttt omg this is so bootafuulllsss lmaoooo the bachelor fameee byeeeeee <3333

aggie blackwood for thesimsgrove bachelor challenge (haven’t entered a bc in ages but colin and his kilt were too cute to pass up ;-;)
age: 20
traits: family-oriented, brave, disciplined, shy, perceptive
the daughter of a famous knight aggie was trained since a very young age how to be a fierce warrior.  her dream was to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a well-known and respected sword fighter and perhaps even knight.  that dream came to an end however when her father was mortally wounded in battle.  since his death aggie has sworn off sword fighting and anything to do with it.  she wants instead to settle down and start a family of her own like her father had always wanted for her.  having lost her mother at childbirth however aggie was never taught how to be a proper lady let alone how to attract the opposite sex which might prove even harder than any sword training ever was.


Would you lie with me
and just forget the world? []

the entire downstairs is the color of a peanut butter and banana sandwich

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these are so scattered lol some are old and some are new shhh
 ill answer more later i think this is already too many gifs in one post shhhh sleeeeppp

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i want to do things to him ;-;

showing off her new coat

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Teeny Bry has been added to my save with Oliver. Think of it as an AU ;)

Anyways, she’s going to have a cameo in the next update of The Risen >:)

bryonyyy mah babbbyyy!!!  omg i hope she’s a zombie ok not saying she has to be but…she should be ok just saying >:}